Writing Marathon 2013

I know it’s after midnight, but with 2013 coming to an end, and my promise to get my WIP in this year, I’ve put everything aside so I can get the final tasks done.

It’s all coming together, but it’s going to end in a final marathon, and I thought…what better a way to do this than with friends! So, if you are a writer and you want to ring in the New Year with a leap forward on your WIP, you’re invited to the party, and please share word with all your writer friends in case they might want to do the same.

#writingmarathon2013 on Twitter will be the live feed, starting at 11am (CENTRAL time) on December 31st. You can drop in at any time to share some words of encouragement. All you have to do is share a tweet with the hash tag #writingmarathon2013 in it, anytime between 11am and midnight. Say something about your goal, your progress, your beverage or music of inspiration, or maybe look over the feed for the pick-me-up you need.

I like to write in shifts of 1-2 hours, with changes of location and half-hour breaks between, and I will be doing that from 11am all the way until midnight. Every hour, I’ll tweet something and do a bit of interacting before diving into another hour of writing. Having fun while we do what we love is only requirement.

I have a New Years party to go to for an hour or two, but that will be my only long break, so I will otherwise be around all day to keep the party going. You can participate however you’d like, whether that means coming for an hour, or coming back a few times throughout the day, but it’s my hope that supporting one another with a writing event will be a great way to keep us accountable and putting in whatever time we can to our projects.

Come midnight, if I’m still not finished (since I am so close to being through my revision task-list), I’m going to keep going until I am, and anyone else wanting to keep going can join me. (Those who could not join but who want to pop in after midnight are welcome!)

Baileys, champagne, wine, coffee, what have you, let’s do what we love most and set the stage for an awesome writing year ahead! My first sleep in 2014 will be one where I know I have finally finished and submitted my first novel.

Whatever your goal is, let’s all start together with a strong leg forward, and let’s do it together!

7 thoughts on “Writing Marathon 2013

  1. cecigiltenan says:

    This sounds like fun. I have had company over Christmas and have accomplished very little. I will pop in for the party!

  2. Word Smith says:

    Wonderful, Ceci! Thanks for sharing on your blog, too.

  3. Bob Nailor says:

    I have an evening event/party to attend but I can party w/ you and all until I leave and again when I get back. I’m working on finalizing my current WIP but have allowed myself a 1/31 deadline to get it self-published. It IS written and I’ve edited it several times. Right now I’m revamping all the “said” which get nauseatingly repetitive when the story is read aloud – which btw, is one of the greatest editors available. You start at 11am – what timezone? Will be tweeting this.

    • Word Smith says:

      Hi Bob,

      Central time – I just updated that in the post. Thanks for sharing, and looking forward to having you. Whatever your writing activity is, let’s add our enthusiasm together.

  4. Sounds amazing–maybe you should make these a regular thing, because I think that could be fun encouragement. Kind of like a very miniature version of national novel writing month. Good luck!

  5. jagarlandfantasyauthor says:

    I’m definitely in, what a great idea!!

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