New Directions…

I have come to a difficult decision, one I’ve been weighing in my heart for the last several months. However, I just received a wonderful research opportunity with long-term potential that will require my time and commitment. So, I’ve decided to put writing aside.

The plans for my books were getting out of hand, and I think, were I not distracted by anything else then it would have been a wonderful career path to give them my all. Creativity, after all, is addictive.

But I am a passionate lover of math and if the last few months have taught me anything it’s that writing, while rejuvenating, is more for me; it belongs with art and hobby time. Art is my balance, and accordingly I can only give so much time to it.

So, I will continue to do my art – you can visit my website if you are interested in what I’m working on, and for those Twitter friends I’ve been privileged to meet, I will continue to Tweet what inspires me (though be warned – math tweets may be coming…)

Most importantly, though, I will no longer be blogging here anymore. I am going to leave this up for those authors who are interested in the author spotlights – it was a privilege to learn from so many talented authors, and it’s taught me that one must pour every ounce of passion they can into the things they believe the most in.

I’d love to see all you writers still use #writersinoffice – and I’ll be sure to check it out regularly. I look forward to staying in touch via Twitter.

Thanks for your wonderful energy!

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