A writer at heart

A quick note to update my writing friends. As many of you may know a short time at the university involved in full-time research was all I needed to discover that I am a writer at heart. I have officially resigned from all academic pursuits to pursue a career as a full-time editor, and on the side to keep working on my writing. I’m taking a radical new direction with my writing, removing a lot of pressure and allowing myself an open time frame, and I look forward to learning a lot from my work as an editor.

Of course, those who follow me on Twitter know I am also busy with art too. It is great to be full immersed in artistic endeavors, and I feel now like I am truly able to grow.


New Directions…

I have come to a difficult decision, one I’ve been weighing in my heart for the last several months. However, I just received a wonderful research opportunity with long-term potential that will require my time and commitment. So, I’ve decided to put writing aside.

The plans for my books were getting out of hand, and I think, were I not distracted by anything else then it would have been a wonderful career path to give them my all. Creativity, after all, is addictive.

But I am a passionate lover of math and if the last few months have taught me anything it’s that writing, while rejuvenating, is more for me; it belongs with art and hobby time. Art is my balance, and accordingly I can only give so much time to it.

So, I will continue to do my art – you can visit my website http://www.graemebrownart.com if you are interested in what I’m working on, and for those Twitter friends I’ve been privileged to meet, I will continue to Tweet what inspires me (though be warned – math tweets may be coming…)

Most importantly, though, I will no longer be blogging here anymore. I am going to leave this up for those authors who are interested in the author spotlights – it was a privilege to learn from so many talented authors, and it’s taught me that one must pour every ounce of passion they can into the things they believe the most in.

I’d love to see all you writers still use #writersinoffice – and I’ll be sure to check it out regularly. I look forward to staying in touch via Twitter.

Thanks for your wonderful energy!

Being a Writer

This is a great post I thought I’d share here from a passionate author:


pencilI am a writer, and that means I write. If I were thrown into a dungeon and told I could have but one thing, I would ask for a pencil. You see, with a pencil I could at least write my stories on the walls and keep it sharp by rubbing it against the edge of the stone. If you were kind, you might give me paper, for when the walls are full, and perhaps a dictionary, so I might discover new words to play with. But if you weren’t, still I’d find a way to put my stories between the lines of others and ponder their meaning.

I am a writer, and that means I love words. When I awaken, I hear words and sort them out in my head like playing cards, shuffling with abandon until I find an arrangement that makes me grin. My truest distress comes when I cannot find a pad of paper, and my academic notes are often inscribed with scribbles about a fantasy worlds that might be just as obscure as the mathematics that fill the rest of their pages.

I live to write. This does not mean I must write to live, for the two are not the same thing. No, often I starve so that I can write and make a living so that I do not starve too much. Book deals, book store placements, fan letters—these are by-products, afterthoughts, and compliments that make me happy, but I am far more contented to enjoy the friends I meet on the way. You will never hear me ask you to buy my books, but you will hear me talk about how much I enjoyed writing them.

I am a writer, and that means I love stories. I live story. I breathe story. I am story. If, upon my departure from this mortal frame I were to enter into a wonderful afterlife and behold, in a glance, the life I’ve lived, my truest regret would be all those moments I spent worrying and forgetting. Life is full of wonder, fear, joy, sadness, excitement, pain, mystery, and uncertainty, but above all, life is  full of story, and could I live for ever I would live to discover more stories, and expand the universe just a little.

Come, reader, friend, scholar, muse. Close your eyes, just for a moment, and think of what surrounds you, every time you draw breath, and every time you let it go. Life is endless and immense, it is the comfort of a mother to her only son, the sorrow of a wife who’s lost her soul-mate. It is the anger of a lost traveler, and the rage of a betrayed lover; the folly of arrogant fools, the wisdom of old men whose bitterness has made them hunch, the rudeness of a joker, the hurtful tears of one who doubts herself. Life is strange, enticing, tantalizing and profound.

And so I write, eager to capture all these fleeting snowflakes in their glass ornamental stories, eager to live every moment twice as fully, daring to dream, daring to write, no matter the cost.

A Marathon

A marathon is 26.2 miles. Yesterday’s writing marathon on Twitter was just as awesome as the excitement on race day. I was so happy to see the many writers who came and shared their energy, especially with 3 WIP drafts completed before 2014 came!

It kept me going, and I’m grateful for the company those first 13 hours. I spent most of my day in Starbucks drinking americanos, then went home for dinner and went right through until midnight. It was great to have company, to drop into twitter and join the writing buzz. 1am came, 2am came, then 3am, and New Years came to the West Coast. But I still wasn’t done.

I promised I’d sleep when my novel was done, since I was so close, so I pushed on. Morning came, and by 8am I was running a spell-check, all my rendering work complete. By 10am everything was ready in manuscript format, and by 11 it came together. But it didn’t stop there. I had to write a synopsis and a marketing proposal for my publisher as part of my submission, so away I went and…

26 and a bit hours later…the completed book was attached and submitted, after a writing marathon in every sense of the word.

Here’s to a wonderful 2014! All those writers who joined me, I wish you the best with your projects, and look forward to rounding everything up again next year.

(Pardon any typos…I’ll fix them in the morning)


Writing Marathon 2013

I know it’s after midnight, but with 2013 coming to an end, and my promise to get my WIP in this year, I’ve put everything aside so I can get the final tasks done.

It’s all coming together, but it’s going to end in a final marathon, and I thought…what better a way to do this than with friends! So, if you are a writer and you want to ring in the New Year with a leap forward on your WIP, you’re invited to the party, and please share word with all your writer friends in case they might want to do the same.

#writingmarathon2013 on Twitter will be the live feed, starting at 11am (CENTRAL time) on December 31st. You can drop in at any time to share some words of encouragement. All you have to do is share a tweet with the hash tag #writingmarathon2013 in it, anytime between 11am and midnight. Say something about your goal, your progress, your beverage or music of inspiration, or maybe look over the feed for the pick-me-up you need.

I like to write in shifts of 1-2 hours, with changes of location and half-hour breaks between, and I will be doing that from 11am all the way until midnight. Every hour, I’ll tweet something and do a bit of interacting before diving into another hour of writing. Having fun while we do what we love is only requirement.

I have a New Years party to go to for an hour or two, but that will be my only long break, so I will otherwise be around all day to keep the party going. You can participate however you’d like, whether that means coming for an hour, or coming back a few times throughout the day, but it’s my hope that supporting one another with a writing event will be a great way to keep us accountable and putting in whatever time we can to our projects.

Come midnight, if I’m still not finished (since I am so close to being through my revision task-list), I’m going to keep going until I am, and anyone else wanting to keep going can join me. (Those who could not join but who want to pop in after midnight are welcome!)

Baileys, champagne, wine, coffee, what have you, let’s do what we love most and set the stage for an awesome writing year ahead! My first sleep in 2014 will be one where I know I have finally finished and submitted my first novel.

Whatever your goal is, let’s all start together with a strong leg forward, and let’s do it together!

A time to celebrate

Happy Holidays to all!

I’m days away from submitting my debut novel, which I have labored on a few hours every day for the last 15 months. Between that, many Christmas feasts, and squirreling away by the fireplace with coffee as often as possible, it should be quite an enjoyable week.

Happy writing!